7 Reasons why you would choose Dive-Hurghada Liveaboard

Liveaboard in the Red Sea is one of the most interesting experiences that you must do at least once in a lifetime. Living onboard a boat is all about diving, relaxing, sunbathing, eating, and sleeping. What else can we ask for? 

In order to enjoy this experience, it is very important to take your time to search for two factors: 

- The service provider who has the relevant know-how to provide an impressive customer experience

- The well-maintained facility, which gives you a homely feeling of safety and comfort

"Dive-Hurghada liveaboard trips" are the right choice for you for the following reasons:

Reason #1: We are experienced

When you join a Dive-Hurghada liveaboard, be sure that you will dive with dive guides and instructors experienced in diving over 60 dive sites in the Red Sea. 

Upon check-in of our guests, we make sure to do a boat briefing, to get them familiar with the boat and the available facilities. We also inform them about their designated spaces for equipment and how to seek help in case of emergency. Before each dive, we insist on doing a clear briefing of the diving plan to make sure that everyone is on the same page and aware of what we will do in the dive. After each dive, we make sure to do a debriefing of the dive, especially in cases of distress or deviation from the original diving plan, to ensure that we learn from our experiences and avoid any slips in the next dive. 

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada liveaboard, rest assured that everything is planned 😊 uploaded picture

Reason #2: We follow standards 

We are conscientious divers. The safety and security of our guests and crew are of the utmost priority in our operation. We abide by the standards of both PADI international and CDWS. 

We care for our guests’ lives. It is not a matter to be taken lightly. Upon check-in, every guest onboard must sign a medical statement attesting that he is fit to dive. Also, every guest receives a welcome kit containing the rules of safety on board. 

We have a record of boat lists every day and we get our guests to log in every dive’s details to ensure that we have a clear diving profile for every guest. This profile can come in handy in extreme cases of diving emergencies. 

Before each dive, we always apply the "Buddy System" and our guides ask our guests to do a buddy check before entering the water to ensure full readiness for the dive to maximize the fun and reduce any potential hazards. 

Onboard our boats, we have a first aid full kit, encompassing different types of medications (anti-diarrhea pills, sea-sickness pills, headache pills, drops for ear, eye, and nose, …etc) a well as 2 cylinders of oxygen for any diving emergency.

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada liveaboard, rest assured that you are in safe hands 😊 uploaded picture

Reason #3: We prevent the spread of COVID-19

We pride ourselves on being among the first boats in Hurghada to get the approval of the ministry of health, CDWS, and the ministry of tourism to operate again right after the end of the lock down. We abide strictly by WHO recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus by constantly cleaning and sanitizing every part of the boat around the clock, especially shared bathrooms, and commonly used surfaces. We use approved detergents and sanitizers to clean and sanitize cabins every day. Everywhere around the boat, we have awareness signs related to this matter. And we properly sanitize the diving equipment to ensure that no virus is spread among our facilities.

All our crew members are certified from First Response Training International as they passed the online training for Airborne Pathogens during the lockdown. We have sanitizers’ dispensers spread everywhere and we motivate our guests to always keep on practicing healthy habits during the trip. 

 So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada Liveaboard, rest assured that everything is super clean and safe to use! 😊 

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Reason #4: We are organized 

The amount of logistics and details that need to be considered in operating a diving business is enormous! And we are ready for it. 

Before the trip: 

1- We listen carefully to understand the exact needs of the guests to manage their expectations, and clearly communicate to them the diving options that suit their demands in complete transparency. 

2- We take care of every detail mentioned by the guests and manage their bookings before their arrival. 

3- We arrange the right sizes of equipment (if needed), making sure that every piece is well maintained and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

4- We arrange for the transportation of the guests (if needed) using high-quality transportation services. 

During the trip: 

1- Onboard, there is a designated place for every item. We keep equipment in clear places in bags, not boxes, to avoid any possible mixing or loss of equipment.

2- We have a special area for small personal stuff like mobiles/chargers/sunglasses/cams…etc.

4- The diving suits are spread in a sunny area away from the platform of tanks and equipment, to avoid causing any annoyance for divers when getting ready for the dive.

5- Common areas onboard are equipped with surveillance cameras to maximize the sense of safety and security. It also helps identify any missing items which can be caused by misplacing it by the guest or the crew members. 

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada Liveaboard, rest assured that everything is intact and organized! 😊 

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Reason #5: We provide value for money 

At Dive-Hurghada, we strive for customer DELIGHT, while maintaining a competitive price, falling within the average of what is being offered in the market! And the question that we always have in mind is: How can we achieve this target? 

The answer is simple: we want to live up to our reputation: “We love the dive and live to dive”. Therefore we reduce our profit margin and increase the value for customers. 

We provide a clean and well-maintained boat, with private cabins and bathrooms fitting the purpose of divers, following international safety standards, and having proper emergency plans ready for implementation in case of need.

We receive our guests with a smile, and we bid them farewell with a smile. We approach our guests with decency and respect because we have an internal code of conduct that we all abide by it, and we strive to create long term friends rather than one-time customers.

We have a self-catering service for soft drinks (fizzy drinks and juices) and hot drinks (Nescafe, tea, hibiscus, Mint) as well as a Nespresso machine and flavored tea available and refillable all day long. We provide high-quality snacks available all day long free of charge. We provide 3 daily meals in an open buffet with good quality food. We have severe hygienic measures, and all our ingredients are fresh to ensure food safety for all our guests. 

We have a desalination unit onboard, which enables us to desalinate seawater and provide fresh water for our guests without the risk of finishing it before the end of the trip. We change our air filters according to a strict schedule to ensure the diving tanks are filled with good quality, safe for lungs air. All cabins are equipped with central AC as well as the salon. And we have a TV screen in the salon to display the diving maps and other educational material. We also have a “book corner” for guests who like to read, with a variety of books and novels in different languages. We have a shaded deck for guests who don’t like to get exposed to the sun. As for those who are interested in getting tanned, they can enjoy the relaxation of a bean bag on the high deck or lay down on a sunbed at the bow area of the boat. 

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada Liveaboard, rest assured that you get real value for money! 😊 

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Reason #6: We love to have FUN! 

Diving is a serious business, this is true. Still, we learn diving and we teach it, after all, to enjoy some excitement in life and also to have fun! And fun is one of our core values already! 

At Dive-Hurghada, we love to have a laugh, play around from time to time, and just enjoy the fact that once we are all geared up, we look hilariously silly with the mask, fins, and BDC! 😊 

We like to socialize with our guests and crack jokes. We like everyone on board to feel happy and enjoy their stay with us. And we appreciate the good time! 😊 

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada liveaboard, be sure that you will have fun and laugh a lot! 😊 

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Reason # 7: We Operate our business with a higher cause in mind 

The Red Sea is not just a geographical location. Not just a water surface for activities or a beach to relax. The Red Sea is one of “The” main touristic attractions in Egypt and contributes to offering many job opportunities for so many people. Therefore, preserving this treasure is as important as using it. At Dive-Hurghada, we understand the value of the Red sea and we contribute with everything in our hands to protecting it against any act of abuse. 

During our boat briefings, we tell our guests about the importance of marine life and the dangers facing it. We also make sure to give them tips on how they can contribute to reducing pollution in the red sea. 

We have signs everywhere onboard reminding guests not to throw toilet paper inside the toilet, as it goes directly to the sea and harms the marine life. We reduce our footprint of plastic use by encouraging guests to use their own refillable water flasks, use wood-based tableware, or use normal tableware. We also use sea friendly washing soaps. 

So, when you are on a Dive-Hurghada liveaboard, know that you are preserving the Red Sea 😊 

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