5 pieces of advice to enjoy your diving 

Scuba diving is such an interesting activitiy. When you think of organizing a holiday in Hurghada, searching for "Scuba diving near me", or when you decide to get a Scuba diving certification from any organization "PADI, SSI, TDI, BSAC, CMAS, ...etc", you usually get a long list of available certified diving centers around your location. To decide which center to join, it is important to join a place with a good operational system. Also, it is important to adopt a certain attitude and consider a number of actions that will help you get the best out of your diving experience. 

Advice #1: Be Sober

Diving and drinking DON'T Mix! 

In a scientific study published in the journal of studies on alcohol and drugs, conducted on a group of experienced divers, they were asked to drink and go perform basic skills in the pool. The scientists rated each diver's risk of injury based on his behavior. They asked the divers to assess their own performance. No one was aware that his performance was worse than usual. 

Alcohol is directly involved In 50% of diving accidents. 

In Dive-Hurghada, we care for your life as well as the safety of everyone on board. We DO NOT allow or tolerate drinking before diving, not even the night before. And if we detect any lack of sobriety symptoms, we cancel the diver's activity immediately without a refund. 

Care for yourself and others. Be Sober when diving. 

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Source: www.scubadiverlife.com

Advice #2: Set your gear by yourself. 

Your gear is your life underwater. As a licensed diver, you MUST take care of your own gear setup even if seamen and helpers on board are setting it for you. 

  • When you use the rented equipment, check your BCD pockets and make sure they are clear of any items, especially extra weights. We witnessed an incident where the diver did not notice it and faced some difficulties in setting the right buoyancy underwater because of the extra weight.

  • Check the mouthpiece of your regulator as well as the octopus and ensure it is not damaged in order not to annoy you while breathing underwater
  • Set your weight belt with the suitable weights for you and remember to have the clasp open in the right-hand direction. If you use integrated weights, make sure they are tightly clipped in the designated place in your BCD
  • Check the quality of the air in your tank. Take a breath from both your regulator and your octopus while setting your gear.
  • Keep all your gear in one spot and make a special mark on it to avoid any confusion with other divers’ equipment items
  • Before diving, make sure to clear your mask by using special sprays or a drop of liquid soap and rinse it well to ensure clear visibility and less possibility of fogging underwater. You can always resort to the traditional way of spitting in it 😊 

In Dive-Hurghada, we usually prepare the equipment and set it for the divers as part of our efforts to provide good quality service for our guests. Still, we always urge them during the pre-dive briefing to do their personal check of their gear. Our aim is to create a delightful customer diving experience with the least possible inconveniences.

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Advice#3: Always do a buddy check

Remember the first lessons we learned in the Open Water course? 

"Begin With Review And Friend" (BWRAF) 

Before jumping in the water, you MUST do the BWRAF check with your buddy which includes:

BCD check: make sure that the low-pressure hose is installed correctly and check that it is inflating and deflating the BCD smoothly. Make sure that all the straps are clipped especially the one holding the tank, to prevent it from slipping. 

Weights check: make sure that your buddy is wearing his weight belt or has them integrated in the BCD. For the belt, make sure the clasp opens in the right direction and the remaining part of the belt is not tangled

Releases check: check the upper and lower releases of the BCD and ensure they are functioning smoothly by trying them out. 

Aircheck: check the manometer to ensure the tank is filled at 200 bars at least and ask ur buddy to check that the second stage (the regulator) and the octopus are functioning smoothly and the quality of the air is good. 

Final Check: ensure your buddy has his mask and snorkel, making sure the straps are fixed well. Also, check that he/she has their fins ready. Furthermore, check if they are wearing their computer. If you are going to a wreck dive or a night dive, check that your buddy has a torch as well and is wearing a long suit. And if they plan to take some photos, remind them to grab the camera :)

At Dive-Hurghada, we care for the safety of everyone on board. So we encourage all divers to do buddy checks before jumping in the water to reduce the probability of any hazard or potential risk.

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Advice #4: Follow the rules on board of the boat 

Diving from a boat is fun. To enjoy the experience, follow the rules on board: 

  • Dry yourself well before entering the salon or taking the stairs for the higher deck to prevent yourself from slippering. We have witnessed some nasty incidents of divers breaking their legs and hands because they did not follow this simple rule.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands constantly to prevent the spread of any viruses/bacteria

  • Throw toilet papers in the trash bins, not in the toilet to keep the sea free of polluting debris and preserve the marine life
  • Smoke in the designated areas onboard as indicated by the divemaster in charge, and refrain from smoking in closed areas (salon or bathrooms) or near the compressor on board. Smoking near the compressor while charging the diving tanks can cause pollution of the compressed air inside the tanks which will ruin your diving experience.

  • Always hold the rails of the staircase when ascending or descending to/from the upper deck. When there is current and waves, not following this rule can cause unfortunate incidents.

  • Be careful when handling weights and tanks, in order not to hurt yourself. 

In Dive-Hurghada, we do Boat Briefing. Listen to it carefully and follow the rules, to enjoy a marvelous diving experience. 

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Advice #5: Plan your dive and dive your plan

As simple as it looks, this advice is sometimes overlooked by some divers. Whether you are a novice in diving or you have been underwater all your life, never underestimate this simple advice. 

  • Before diving, listen carefully to the briefing. Get to know the diving site either through pictures or through the map drawn by the guide. 
  • Based on the briefing, orient yourself on the location of the boat in proportion to the direction of the diving path. 
  • Identify your buddy and build rapport with him/her. Get to know his/her preferences and together put contingency plans in case of any changes to the original plan and communicate this with the guide. 
  • Ensure your computer is functioning well and stick to the depth and time as indicated by the guide. Not following this rule can create a prelude to hazardous incidents related to decompression sickness or other issues. 
  • If you have any doubts about the dive (i.e. the weather is not helping you fulfill your plan, or your equipment is malfunctioning in any way, or you feel sick or nauseous) don’t dive. Better be safe than sorry.

In Dive-Hurghada, we plan every dive carefully and we make sure to communicate the plan to all divers in the group because safety is our priority. 

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