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Sunny days in Hurghada

The City that owns the Sun

The Sun, this glowing mass of heat, centered in the sky, illuminating the world and sending its golden rays to warm up the earth and give life to all its creatures. Did you ever imagine how does it feel to possess it? To be able to wake up every morning, open your window and see it shining?? To feel its heat on your bare skin and enjoy this sense of warmth sizzling in your veins??

This is not a dream or part of a fairy tale. It is very easy to possess the sun! All you have to do is book your flight ticket from any travel agent and fly directly to Hurghada, the Central City of the Red Sea in Egypt.

Hurghada is considered one of the safest touristic destinations worldwide. This beautiful city is located in the southern part of Egypt known as “Upper Egypt”. The geographical nature of the city, situated along the seashore and surrounded by the chain of mountains of the red sea, creates the subtropical –desert climate of Hurghada.

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